A Tomboy’s Beauty Routine

I realized I’ve never done a beauty/makeup or hair post on the blog and there’s good reason for that. I see lots of bloggers doing video tutorials on the perfect ponytail or cat eye makeup and I promise I will never subject you to “my” version of a tutorial unless I think everyone needs a good laugh. As…

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Love Cats

Valentine’s Day- Hot date night planned? Not us! Probably the reason you haven’t seen a mushy post from me yet today is because quite simply we’re pretty boring. We’re eating leftovers, working out and maybe watching a Netflix movie, I might get experimental and attempt a new dessert… BUT before I put my last and…

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Red Boot Diaries

For years I have loved the look of a red shoe. Blame it on the fashion influence of my Nana who taught me at an early age that a red shoe or accessory could add that extra something to classic dressing and could make you feel ladylike and sexy at the same time. I love…

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