Antler Art DIY!

Hi All! I am the so excited to share my “antler art” on Cashmere & Camo today! I am the writer behind Life of the Lane and could not be more thrilled to be part of this antler series.

As you will see on my blog, I am (slightly, ok maybe a lot more than slightly) obsessed with antlers! It helps that my boyfriend is a rancher and avid bow hunter. We have date-nights where we take the 4-wheeler out for hours and cross the ranch in search for fallen deer sheds.

Last year there were a few left over, that did not turn into wine holders, bottle openers or decorations around the house, that I used for my jewelry racks.


Materials used:

– old wooden frame that I had found at an estate sale for $2

– 2 deer sheds from the ranch

–  gold floral wire (crafting wire will work too)

– 2 nails/ hammer

2 main how-tos: First, hang the frame, so you can center the antlers. Second, wrap the antlers with the wire and create a loop for the nail.



 Life of Lane- Antler DIY


It was an easy, quick and fun project!
So glad to share my ‘antler art’ with you guys today– stop by
Life of the Lane for more antler addictions!

**Thank you so much to Life of the Lane for sharing your DIY antler art!! Don’t antlers and turquoise make a wonderful match?!


Auntie Deb

Keep the ideas coming Brandy!
I am in the midst of doing a project for the patio table on the front deck but I think it will need a can of spray paint and UM cringes when I say that.


I say spray paint away!! Well we need an outdoor edition, so make sure you send it my way when you`re done!


Brandy- so excited to be on your blog today:) it makes me happy knowing others share my love for all things antlers!! xo-lane


Thanks so much for the great post! I know people are loving your DIY!

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