Antler Ink


Getting inked is not high on my bucket list. My problem with it stems not from the fact that I don’t like tattoo’s. The finality of them freaks me out. I mean I have a hard time deciding on which nail polish to put on let alone deciding what tattoo would still hold meaning for me in 10 years down the road. But I’ve always looked and admired many forms of ink art. I’ve seen antler tattoo’s emerging from simplistic to whimsical. I applaud anyone for taking the plunge if you have gotten inked, with all the choices out there, finding a tattoo with personal meaning can be one of the best accessories.


Photos are from:

Image 1: Fyeahtattoos

Image 2: Gin n’ Bird

Image 3: Pinterest

Image 4: Pinterest

Image 5: FFFFound

Image 6:

Image 7: Pinterest



Those represent some great art! I went with a design that I told my son, and he drew it up. I took it to the tattoo artist and they transferred it on and colored it. 15 years later, it is even more special. These are beautiful!

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