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Hazy Days 1

Hazy Days

  Love ‘em or hate ‘em the hazy days of summer have set in. Some find the heat stifling on our little …

Faux Vacation Glow

Faux Vacation Glow

First thing’s first, by no means am I a makeup/beauty blogger but because I’ve been spending 10-12 hours a day under fluorescent lights, …

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

A few years ago, I had just purchased my first bow a Diamond Razor Edge by Bowtech, after time flinging arrows at paper …

Victoria Day 1

Dark and Stormy

  We decided to stay put in the city for the long weekend after hearing warnings of  doom & gloom with massive …

Just Peachy 2

Just Peachy


Kir Royale

Drink to Try- Kir Royale

One of my favourite indulgences when working in Quebec, was to unwind after the day with an aperitif  of Kir or Kir Royale.  The …