Cactus Outtake

Cactus Outtake

Cactus Skirt via Mint + Maple | Longhorn Buckle | Squash Blossom 

I often get asked how I take my outfit/lifestyle shots. Well for the most part it’s just little old me with a tripod and remote timer. Which can make it tricky to set up some shots and still make sure that things are looking “right”. Case in point with this fun cactus skirt that I have been dying for better weather to wear and shoot.

Well the snow just keeps coming so in an effort to lift my spirits as well as thumb my nose at winter, I wore it with some tights and a fitted turtleneck. It’s fun and cheeky and I can’t wait to wear it with a tee and some sandals, but wanted to capture this colder weather outfit of the day as well. And it was frickin cold out, but I jumped outside, took as many snaps that I could handle before I lost all feeling in my hands and then ran back in to change and settle in to edit some photos!

But in my haste, I swore under my breath as I scrolled through the pictures because my necklace had been twisted around in each and every one. I couldn’t handle it, I deleted every photo except for this one, which I’m posting now. Because after sleeping on it, I still really liked the outfit and wanted to share to show what a fun option a little graphic print can be. And hey, I’m still hitting my 80/20 rule and I’m pretty sure there will be another post on how to wear a cactus skirt once all this white stuff decides to take a hike once and for all…

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