Casual Cold Shoulder

Cold Shoulder Top

Let R’ Buck Serape Top c/o Soul Revival Boutique| Paddle Suede Moccasin

Can’t believe it’s Nov 1st guys!! Only 55 days until Christmas (OMG- insert panic). Which means lots of other things like NFR, Thanksgiving and a whole lot of festivities are coming up pretty quick. And while I’ll be sharing some of my picks for attire and all that sparkles over the holidays- I also want to share those cute and comfy notes- like this casual cold shoulder top that’s going to get you through decorating, planning, shopping and most likely the airport over the holidays.

The serape buckaroo graphic is subtle and girly, and I’ve worn it out or stayed in with it on multiple occasions. I think it would also work well to throw in the suitcase if headed out on a warm weather vacay. And speaking of vacations, only a few weeks left till I’m off to the land down under! Which completely has my brain scrambled. One minute I’m thinking about summer attire, the next trying to decide about Christmas decor. So hopefully I don’t manage to confuse things too much as you’ll see me hopscotch back and forth between seasons this next month!

Cold Shoulder Top Cold Shoulder Top


Cold Shoulder Top Cold SHoulder Top