My Gilty Pleasure

First off I’ll take my turn to stand up and say, “My name is Brandy and I’m addicted to Gilt“.  I realized I might have a problem when a friend text me back a week ago and said, “Do you need an intervention? I think every text has the world Gilt in it for the…

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Love Blee

February no thanks to Valentine’s Day is always a reminder of femininity and romance to me. So I had to put together my top picks for this month. I’m still craving colour but I’ll get back on that wagon in March. This month my picks are more demure and whimsical. I’m thinking a neutral palette…

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Lickety Split Lime

I’ve been seeing bright, flourescent jewellery making its way to springtime through different blogs, magazines and designers. There have also been lots of DIY’s on how to turn older costume jewellery that may be a bit out of date and stretch it into the next season. My DIY aptitude is usually on the low side…

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1000 FB Fan Giveaway

Yesterday C&C reached a milestone and we have a 1000 facebook fans! Thanks so much to everyone who has been following the blog and supporting C&C, you guys rock! So to celebrate the giveaway is a $250 gift card to Eddie Bauer!!   I love this store and the direction they’ve taken on their products….

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A Little Lace- Winter Time

Last summer I posted on how lace can add that extra feminine flair to an outfit. With last week’s deep freeze temperatures, that dress seems a million miles away but I found this great long-sleeved Max C dress that has amazing lace detailing with a great print and retro cut. I paired the dress with tights and boots …

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Weekend Rendezvous

I went to start my car this morning, temperature says -30 but FEELS LIKE -42 with the Windchill. After I arrive at work and take off my 20 odd layers I instantly log in to my computer and start looking at last-minute travel deals. Destination? Anywhere warmer than this frozen hell. After searching and realizing I…

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