The Happiness Project

Of course I’ll start by saying there is a reason for why I titled this post after Gretchen Rubin’s bestseller, The Happiness Project. The book questions many ideals of “happiness” and what is a best fit to create your own happiness project. Sometimes when life gets busy or you hit a rough patch it’s easy…

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Fur Fabulous

As mentioned before, I’m a texture girl. Which means when I shop, I touch and when I find something soft…well let’s just say it might follow me home. So naturally I love the look of fur, real or faux I’m an unbiased participant. Even as I write this post I have a fluffy ragdoll cat…

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Weekend Warrior

If you are finding yourself chained to a desk/office 9-5, 5 days a week you may have symptoms of the weekend warrior. This includes a packed schedule of errands intermixed with recreational and social events to try and balance out your weekday grind. Is a balance achievable? Please don’t ask me becasue I am still…

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All Tied Up

Any girl who lives in a colder climate will tell you a pair of tall boots can be your best friend. There have been so many wonderful boots come out over the last few seasons the choices seem endless. Today I pay homage to my crush of tall lace up booties. They are fun and…

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Yellowstone Bound

Today I have a special guest model for this outfit post. My beautiful mother volunteered to show off what I think is a classic fall look.  She paired a timeless buffalo check tuxedo shirt from the Black Fleece Collection, with a cozy but striking faux fur Tasha Pollizzi vest. Add some western belt bling with Fidelity…

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Obviously Chic

I’d like to introduce a girl who has style and knows fashion; meet Jess the founder/owner of Obviously Chic and blogger of Obviously Coco. I’m proud to say Jess is a fellow Canadian based out of Estevan, Saskatchewan. Her store Obviously Chic was opened there in 2009 as a 8 week pop up theme and…

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