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Embrace the Chill! Winter Activities You Need To Try

Retro Ski Fleece | Toque (Beanie) Winter in Canada can be a long drawn event- especially if you’re not a fan of the cold and snow… And while it’s while it can feel great to get all hygge inside our homes and hunker down to hibernate- the groundhog day effects of this can be wearing….

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My Summer List

Holy Moly- June is here. I almost can’t believe it! How is it that each year seems to speed up and go by a little faster than the last- madness I tell you! So I’m thinking about this summer and not wanting it to slip from my grasp, which means making plans and taking them…

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Fit in the country

Fit in the Country

Reebok Black Label Tights | New Balance Running Tank | Under Armour Runners Moving to the country as idyllic as it can be waking up to nature and staring at nothing but the mountains in front of you versus the neighbors backyard also has some drawbacks to it. At my old house, I lived 8 minutes…

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Over the Hill Downhill

Hold My Purse Rides Again!

2017 Over The Hill Down Hill at Silver Star Mountain- Team “Hold My Purse” I’m just back from finishing another Over the Hill Down Hill at Silver Star Mountain with the ONLY all girls team “Hold My Purse“. Our second year out of retirement from our previous ski racing careers and we definitely moved past…

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Blog Photos

Taking Blog Worthy Photos

The other day I stumbled across an old blog post from C&C- I mean like one of the OG’s. I cringed, despite the fact the blog was brand spanking new and it was virtually an online journal at that point with the only person looking at it probably being my best friend. The worst part-…

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