GapFit Spring

GapFit Spring 2016

Medium Impact Strappy Sports Bra |  gFast Trainer Legging Getting back in shape continues to be one of my goals this year… I have been training for the downhill ski race that is coming up in just a week! But that has required more of a cardio and strength training routine, so I was excited…

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Happy Trails

Top- Katana Longsleeve Tee | Tights- Brogan Legging Recently I’ve been exploring the great trails around the house. I’m lucky that I have the Rocky Mountains and wilderness right out my back door. It’s also a great way to unwind at the end of the day and attempt to wear out the fur monster (aka Gunnar)….

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Morning Coffee

Cashmere Cardigan | Tank | Lace Detailed Capri Waking up early is in my DNA, as a teenager being part of a family that got up at the crack of dawn was seemingly annoying, but the older I got as much as I fought it a sleep in for me constitutes 7 am. Most days I’m up…

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Showing Off

Windhaven Pullover | Windsor Pant | Dash Sports Bra I’m fortunate to say that throughout my life I’ve had fairly positive body image. I credit it to growing up with sports, to having role models tell me muscles are good and that a girl should look strong and healthy. It’s this positive reinforcement that never led…

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Scars and Laugh Lines

Happy September All! Last month many of you noticed the blog layout change, 2015 has been a bit of a metamorphosis so far and I felt that Cashmere & Camo should aptly follow along. To say that this year has been a been a roller coaster would be an understatement. With the oil industry in…

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