Friday Favs

Well heck, another Friday’s here! This week has been full of fun and chaos, as we are busy kicking off some new projects and still on the lookout for a place out in the country. I also did my annual duty as G2’s personal shopper/fashion consultant (yes he hates shopping, hence the infrequent missions to…

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Camp Life

Through my series of posts on our trip with Redstone Trophy hunts in the Northwest Territories I’ve tried to show everyone the overall experience of the trip and not just the hunt itself. I probably described the life at our camp best when I wrote in my moleskin journal, “Today we experienced the tradition of…

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A few more Chukkers?

This weekend we attended a polo match to cheer on a family member. It was a humid, lazy afternoon…perfect for perching under a tent with some fabulous food and drink. I did feel sorry for the horses and the players in that heat, but I guess they’ve seen worse! And as it goes in polo,…

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