Interview with Lather & Lace

I’ve always had a problem with sensitive skin and have to watch very carefully if I ever switch or try new products. Living in a dry climate where chapped lips and cracked hands is a daily occurance in the winter doesn’t help. After hearing of Lather & Lace  I needed to learn more, their products…

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A Cozy Cave

The leaves are nearly gone and we got our first snowflake this weekend. With hunting season, the mancave makeover has come to a halt. That being said I am struggling a bit to remake our abode which is 95% masculine with my handbags and high heels scattered about. I realize it will take time to transition things,…

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Party Favours

I don’t know why I love Halloween so much. Maybe it’s the combination of it being my favourite season of the year, the harvest colors, pumpkins and of course chocolate?.  At first I wanted to host a Halloween party, now as the month comes to a close I realize I am out of jam and…

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Cabin Fever

The weekend took an unexpected turn of events. I was supposed to start my sheep hunt but after putting my back out earlier in the week my orders were to stay at home and let it recuperate. That has gone over like a lead balloon and now at 8:00 am I am already plotting my…

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Pumpkin Art

Decorating for Thanksgiving and Halloween are in full swing at my house. For my southern friends I’m not crazy, just Canadian and a month ahead of you on the festivities. The fall wreath has been made and hung, pumpkins procured and now I am just looking for the finishing touches of replacing my decorative straw bales (which…

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Sorry Carl

I think I’ve found it! The image to epitomize exactly how I want the Man Cave Bedroom Makeover to look (which starts this Friday). I know it’s a long shot but I would like to pretend the following are the before and after photos! Carl sitting nicely on the wall- very romantic setting Carl on…

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