Stress- Free Entertaining

Tips for Stress- Free Entertaining

  With summertime comes an increase in bridal, baby showers and social get together’s in general. As much as I love hosting a party, I used to get overwhelmed to the point of just plain stressed out about hosting. This unfortunately would lead to not being able to relax and enjoy the event, resonating my…

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Weekly Newsletter

C&C Weekly

This has been a big week for me, my technology skills are flying off the charts as I have learned some more blog optimization skills and of course the all important Snapchat. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I really understand it and how people even see things on it (I know, I’m behind the…

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5 Things For April

Looking back at my spring hit list, I realized that to achieve your goals sometimes the only way to do so is through structured, bite sized pieces. If you’re like me and absolutely cringe at the thought of structure or schedule being imposed on you I understand that to stay on track it can be…

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Vision Board

Why You Need A Vision Board

A few years ago when talking about goal setting, a friend told me I needed to build a vision board. Out of the conversation, I realized that while I was structured within the parameters of planning my business, when it came to setting goals for myself personally I was definitely falling short. If you’ve read…

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Easter Centerpiece

Dusting off the winter cobwebs and freshening up the house for Easter is an annual ritual I enjoy. However depending on the year and the weather, introducing spring bulbs into and around the home may not be successful. So one thing I always like to do to celebrate Easter and spring is a centerpiece for…

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Things to Try This Weekend

Whoohoo! We made it, another Friday is here! I don’t know about anyone else but this week was especially busy and I’m excited to get out of the office and change gears for a couple days. With spring break and Easter coming up here are a few things that might be fun to try this…

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