Well Hello Dolly!!

Every family has holiday traditions that they cherish. One of mine includes exchanging a new ornament between family members every year. As the years go by it’s so much fun to open up the treasure chest and reminisce as you decorate the tree. Another is all the baking and cooking. Traditional food you’ll find on…

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Espresso Brownies

I have an addiction to coffee. The thought of the smell of it percolating into my bedroom on its scheduled brew every morning makes me smile thinking about it the night before. G2 mentioned a month ago that maybe we should cut caffeine out of our lives including coffee. My reaction garnered a facial expression…

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Sweet Potato Souffle

One of my favourite side dishes to go with Turkey and all the other fixings is a sweet potato souffle. It’s light, fluffy and decadent enough to make you feel like dessert has been served before the pumpkin pie even makes an appearance. I had to sneak into the pantry and steal the recipe to…

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Bacon-Wrapped Mini Meatloaf

During the week when you are rushing from work, kids activities or what have you it is very difficult to “whip” together a balanced meal. Lately I’ve been looking at easy solutions like pre-making multiple portions and freezing it to reheat later with some veggies or creating something with a low prep time, hence buying…

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Honey, Parmesan & Rosemary Scones

I love the smell of fresh-baked biscuits in the house. I have a hard time making them consistently since I prefer them to be out of the oven fresh with the meal. Scones also are a breakfast favourite of mine but always shy away from them because they can be finicky. When I saw this…

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Pecan-Cranberry Granola

Rise n’ Shine! My favourite way to start the day is a strong cup of coffee followed by Granola topped with Fresh Berries, Greek Style Yogurt and Honey. It’s light yet filling and I don’t have the urge to eat the doughnuts in the coffee-room by 9:00. ┬áIt is however pricey and with the amount…

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