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For the last two years I promised myself I wouldn’t get heavy over here on the blog. The blog principally would discuss fashion, recipes and fun things in general related to the outdoors, because that’s what I “thought” you all wanted to see and hear. But I’ve realized that my readers are far more sophisticated than that and potentially want more that just the fun stuff that sometimes can seem all so fluffy compared to real life issues we deal with everyday. So I’m hoping that you’ll appreciate I want mix it up and share some of the things that prompt me to question what I can do better as an individual or even what we can do better collectively.

Through my blog you know that I’m a hunter and fisher”woman”.  Also as few know my university background is environmental and conservation science. Both personally and professionally I work to be a steward in my day-to-day. It’s been noted the number of female hunters is on the rise, this has also caused a shift from it being a male dominated pursuit to becoming a family affair. Some argue that women are more conservation minded when it comes to outdoor pursuits, potentially appreciating more of the journey than the destination? I’m not here to argue that point, but it proves to me that you’re out there in the woods and engaged to preserve the wild places and what it holds for your kids and their’s to come.

So in the future I want to touch on topics like habitat enhancement, technology and ethics and I promise to do it in a very Cashmere & Camo way so as to not get too heavy on your day. So I hope a few of you might appreciate this new weekly feature I’m going to pilot. I think discussion and conversation can only help us all improve the outdoor pursuits we enjoy so much.



Some bighorn rams I snapped some photos of last weekend


Suzie Salmon

I am in awe of your wildlife photos! Well, all your photos if I’m being honest.
I can’t wait for your new feature and more info on such an important subject!


Thanks Suzie! It’s a side that I’m passionate about that I wanted to share, but was too scared to ever put it out there. I won’t get to serious and hopefully some people find it informative or engaging!


Thank Ya! I’ve been nervous to put it out there, but figure what the heck is wrong with a little conversation?

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