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This has been a big week for me, my technology skills are flying off the charts as I have learned some more blog optimization skills and of course the all important Snapchat. I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I really understand it and how people even see things on it (I know, I’m behind the blogger times). However I learned, I can make funny photos and video which has allowed me to harass friends and family with ridiculousness all week long. Also if you would like to follow along- if you’re unlike me and actually understands how that happens, you can find me at: cashmereandcamo. I promise not to share too many dog pictures and some fun “behind the scenes” moments.

And if all this technology isn’t enough to make your head spin, I thought with all the different platforms we are sharing pieces of the blog on, I wanted to put all the favorites from the week together on a Weekly C&C Community Newsletter. Which is great for those that may not have Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… the list goes on. So now every week, for MEMBERS ONLY, there will be a fun newsletter you get in your inbox with SHOP, EAT, DIY, DECORATE and EXPLORE inspiration and recommendations. We’ll also be letting you know of fun events you might want to attend and member only promo codes and giveaways that we don’t share on all the other social media stuff.

OK So! If you want to be part of the community and get in on the fun, all you need to do is make sure you are signed up on our mailing list and then you’ll see it every FriYAY- see easy peasey!  And signing up for the mailing list means that you are just signing up for that, no spam and we’re not giving your contact info to anyone else. For those that are seeing the first one today, please feel free to send suggestions of anything you’d like to see, and stay tuned because we have some fun things planned this summer!

Hope everyone has a great weekend xx 🙂

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