Campfire Chocolate Chip S’mores

Campfire Chocolate Chip Smores

Blame it on all the Stampede midway and all the crazy food pairings you can sample, but last week I really had a hankering for something sweet. I always love a good s’more, but sometimes you don’t have all the fixings. So I scrounged up some chocolate chip cookie mix (Betty Crocker Mix) and marshmallows and headed out to the fire once my cookies were done. In hindsight, you can just buy the cookies, but I live in the country and was in the middle of a sweet tooth emergency with no store in sight.

The other great thing is you can find gluten free cookie mix if required as I have not been so much of a fan of gluten free graham crackers. Also if you want to spice your s’more up, you could also add banana slices in-between the cookie and marshmallow. Go crazy, the world is your s’more!