Conquering Winter with Parajumpers


ParajumpersBack in December I arrived home from Australia to temperatures that settled into a deep freeze setting that would have most people hopping another plane south or just burrowing into their sweatpants and hibernating until spring. It instantly got me down- I wanted to keep up my routine enjoying getting out and continuing with my photography sessions as we had been in Australia.

One of the reasons I think we live in such a beautiful place in Canada, is that we get to experience all four seasons- unfortunately this can include all the weather that goes with it! As much time as I love spending time outdoors, having just the right outerwear can make or break your experience. I always joke that I “might” have a jacket for everytime the weather changes 2 degrees, but I think I have found one that can stand up against the nastiest of winter weather- but still regulate itself so you’re not overheating if it decides to start chinooking the next day! My recent discovery of an Italian brand called Parajumpers, literally had me excited to come back to  the snow of Canada from the beaches of Australia.

Designed and inspired after the 210th Rescue Squadron based in Anchorage, Alaska, they are called PJ’s- short for Parajumpers, a military trained, rescue squadron in some of the toughest conditions the world has to offer.

Based off of this, I knew the jackets would be designed to be functional with highly technical components. And because they are a luxury Italian outerwear company, they also use high end, stylish materials,  with an outer hard-wearing nylon that’s undergone a special treatment to protect it from rain and dirt. The jacket also has the softest faux fur lining and a removable fur-trimmed hood. The collar can fasten with the signature PJS snap hook at the neck.  It’s easy to see with the quality of the jacket that Parajumpers has really put thought into the design of their garments for functionality as well as the choice of materials to maintain a high standard of social responsibility and ethically sourced products. For those interested, I highly recommend reading more on their fur and down policies.

And the best thing- I have put this jacket through its paces. It’s been out in -30 snowshoeing, hiking and taking photos, I’ve worn it for nights out with cute urban outfits and honestly basically living in it the last month anytime I leave the house. This PJS lets me enjoy our Canadian winters for hours on end. Now I get to focus on improving my landscape shots for that much longer and maybe I’ll finally get around to checking off my bucket list item of trying to dogsled this winter!


The PJS Moscow Jacket 

Parajumpers Parajumpers Parajumpers-2 Parajumper