Cozy Neutrals

Cozy Neutrals

Sweater- Pink Martini | Denim- Banana Republic | Antler Necklace | Mukluks (Similar)

Socks are probably the worst piece of clothing… Literally.  However essential, they drive me crazy. From having to herd them into my washing machine 2 by 2 only to lose 50% by the time the rinse cycle is done. How does this happen? Where the F do they go?

To trying to make them meticulously fit into my runners/hikers/skiboots ect so there is no rubbing, creating blisters or any weirdness. Socks- you are not my favourite accessory choice- which is probably why I hardly ever wear them or own that many to be honest.

But with winter coming- my sandal days are numbered, so I’m resorting to boots, which means- SIGH, socks…. However I think I’ve found a loophole with my shearling lined mukluks. They are crazy warm and soooooooo cozy. I think I will stick to oversized sweaters and slippers until spring thaw. Ok, I may have to give in and wear something else before then, but I would really appreciate it if this could be my fall uniform?

COZY NEUTRALS Cozy Neutrals Cozy Neutrals Cozy Neutrals

Photos by Jennifer Masterman