Fall Layering

Fall Layers

Denim Maxi Skirt | Lace Up Tee | Fur Vest

There can be a very big gap in the fall and winter between looking cute and being warm. Layering up in the Fall can become tricky when faced with chilly mornings and sweltering afternoons like we had just the other day. Plus not to mention you don’t want to look bulky in the process when trying to manage these weather swings.

I’ve been waiting to pull out this mixed media denim maxi for just the occasion. The inset paisley panels of this skirt give it a floating gypsy vibe and I thought to this neutral lace-up tee added to the details of the outfit without being overwhelming. Throw on some pops of turquoise and a faux fur vest for good measure and warmth and that’s my Fall Layering 101. Happy Monday!

Fall Layering Fall Layering Fall Layers Fall Layering Fall Layering Fall Layering

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