My Favourite Outfits of 2017


Southwest Boatneck Sweater

It’s a funny thing, this week between Christmas and New Years, it makes you reflect on things deeper and look ahead further than one might typically would. On a less serious note, it also had me scrolling through the years posts and thinking about which were my favourite. So I decided to do a recap, month by month of my favourite outfits throughout 2017!

January- I love this Southwestern Denim & Supply sweater by Ralph Lauren. I remember being very excited because I found it on mega sale for Boxing Day. Since then, I’ve struggled to find it to share with you guys, it’s sold out everywhere! So if you are searching for one like this I’d suggest Ebay or Etsy?


Basic Black

This simple black Gentle Fawn dress was something I wore to death this year. From the office- to casual day out, it made a lot of miles. Sometimes my favourite items aren’t the standout, outfit makers but the everyday basics that you always reach for in your closet!


Waylon Weekend

My birthday month, March!  This month was a win with a graphic tee from Ragweed Clothing, a faux suede and fringe jacket from JOH and distressed, bleached Levi’s I found on sale at Winners. Topped off with some turquoise accessories of course!


White Lace Dress

It was so hard to pick my favourite from this month, but this white lace dress and floral clutch from Mint + Maple forced me to get girly and I really loved doing this shoot. Side note on this outfit post- I showed up to shoot this outfit really early in the morning at this cute little church, which has also been filmed in Heartland! Funny enough- there was a ladies knitting club busy in the church and they were quite amused to watch me pose by myself in front of the camera in the chilly morning light! Oh the things bloggers do for a shot! 🙂


OH THIS DRESS- I found this online from Canadian Brand California Moonrise and bought it on the spot. I remember the night shooting it, the weather was flawless and the views of the Rocky Mountain stunning in the backdrop. After posting photos I received a kind note from Mr. Winston Bruce himself that included him saying that, “Red along with Western Wear is Made for You!” Sadly he passed away a week later during Stampede. But this dress hangs in my closet and will always have a specialness attached to it.


Stampede Style Guide

June came in like a whirlwind as Paige Callaway, fashion designer and owner of Pursue Victory and Paige 1912 and I put together Cow Town Style. A fashion editorial for Stampede Fashion. We had such great support with our sponsors and with followers/readers, who knows maybe Cow Town Style will ride again Stampede 2018?! 😉 I also loved this fuschia jumpsuit from B&B Clothing Boutique with Brand Paige hat and Paige Leather clutch.


Calgary Stampede

Oh Stampede Fashion! So hard to pick a favourite but this turquoise suede mini dress from Free People was a standout for me! I remember the day I wore it, I was terrified that I would spill something on it the entire time.


Casmere and Camo Floral Dress

Loved this linen jumpsuit! It was perfect for a night out on the town with my bestie and I remember the classic Alberta summer thunderstorm that rolled in on us as we sat on the rooftop of Charbar. See to me, outfits are like songs- I always seem to tag a memory or an experience with what I was wearing at that moment.


This summer was one of the hottest on record, and it seemed to continue on well into September. I got so much use out of this dress this summer from Imber Boutique. From a day at the horse races with Packwood Grand to casual summer evenings, this dress really went the distance and I’m still hanging it in my closet for this coming year!


Stetson Dress

Oh this embroidered dress from Stetson! I was with my mom when I tried it on and it was an instant Yes! I have so many shoot ideas for this number coming up in 2018, which makes it a great find when you know you will have something in your closet year after year.


Sequin DressYou wouldn’t be able to close out the year without a little glitz! I loved this sequin dress with a little faux fur add and a western twist with boot rugs. I thought it would be perfect for an NFR event or a holiday party.


Velvet Pleated Skirt

And even though I was in Australia for most of the month, my favourite outfit in December was this ensemble I wore to the ballet one evening. The velvet skirt mixed with lace gave a glamourous, Gatsby Esque feel and I finally felt the spirit of the holidays for the first time this year, which is always such a wonderful feeling.

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