Fitness for February

When I looked back at what I wanted to do for my New Year’s resolutions in 2012, I really beat myself up because I felt I totally fell flat at everything I set out to do. Once I got to thinking about it, resolutions are bound to fail if you only look at them once a year and never measure or check-up on how you’re doing. So for 2013, I’m choosing a different approach. I have made one new resolution each month and I’m going to try to focus specifically on that goal and hopefully after 3 to 4 weeks I will have it incorporated into daily life versus watching it slowly slide into the ditch never to be talked about again until Dec 29th… I find if I make multiple resolutions all the sudden I’m overwhelmed with where to start and just end by giving up since I can’t handle all the changes at once in addition to regular life happening.

So January was changing some of my eating habits, quite simply eating “cleaner”. I focused on cutting out “bad” items and gaining a better awareness around glycemic index and how you can change your eating habits to better fuel your body. Not gonna lie, this has been one of the hardest resolutions for me. Being active I never had to worry about weight gain or fatigue until now. I find the hardest challenge is the grocery store! I persisted to only shopping the “outside” of the store and adding in to our diet vs subtracting. Pretty soon all the healthy stuff was taking over in the fridge. Generally I feel like I have more energy and I’m sleeping a lot better than I used to.

February I resolved to work on fitness and getting more exercise into my week. This is a resolve that I am trying to “rebuild” into my lifestyle. So to determine how to find a better exercise routine that fit my personality I answered these 11 questions. I think if fitness and exercise has any chance of making a routine appearance in one’s lifestyle it has to be personal choice and preference. Meaning someone can’t recommend it as the end all to be all and even if it’s the latest fad, you might hate it.

So after answering all 11 questions I came to the conclusion; I’m a night owl that loves the outdoors, blasting loud music and would prefer no one but myself hold me accountable for my routine. G2 asking me if I’ve been to the gym that day pretty much mentally pushes me to to grabbing a donut and sitting down on the couch. I’m slowly realizing it’s just a difference in style. He likes to be held accountable and being held to task about exercise, I do not.

Also I’m realizing every bit helps. If I can’t get a solid hour or so to workout that day, I pick away at things I can do while I’m managing life. Such as push-ups and sit ups while I’m watching TV at night or even squats and lunges while I’m on the phone. Do I look crazy? Most likely a bit neurotic but my ass will thank me and I don’t feel like a totally failure that day. It all adds up to success.

Fitness should be FUN! If you dread doing something what’s the likelihood you want to repeat it? Finding things you enjoy that also create a mental release are key to longevity with a fitness program. A friend and I made a pact that anytime we got together, instead of the regular grabbing a glass of wine and catching up, we are going to go for a bike ride or try a yoga class. The great thing is you get to combine your fitness and social time in the limited hours you sometimes have.

I also think that it can be fashionable. There are so many cute workout clothes and accessories out there, sometimes a cute pair of runners is all the motivation you need. Exercise is so important for both physical and mental wellbeing, which is why this month I’m taking the time to invest in myself and hopefully “rebuild” the foundation for some habits that will last me well past 2013.

Invest in workout gear that you like and will give you more motivation to get active. You're worth it!

Invest in workout gear that you like and will give you more motivation to get active. You’re worth it!