Getting R.A.W with Biolage

Cozy Neutrals

I’ve tried to make the switch the last few years to using organic or natural- origin skin and haircare products as much as possible. After “cleaning” up my beauty products, I’ve have noticed healthier and ultimately happier skin and hair.

So when I saw Biolage’s new R.A.W. standing for Real. Authentic. Wholesome line of products, I knew I had to give it a whirl. All products are within the 70-100% natural-origin range, meaning it retains 50% or more of it’s natural molecular structure and has undergone minimal processing.

Biolage RAW Styling Products

I’m loving the Smoothing Styling Milk– great for everyday styling especially in these dry winter days. And also love the Texturing Styling Spray for days I just want to air-dry and go, or add some beach wave texture to my hair. I’ve also found that using them in combination gives a great mix of texture with my curling wand and smoothes out my curls before setting with hairspray. The last time I tried a texturizing spray my hair I had a horrible breakout on my forehead and scalp so I’ve steered away from it for years. Now it’s become part of my regular styling routine!

Thanks to Biolage for letting my “test drive” these fun products and as always my opinions are my own.