Hiatus 6




Happy Easter! Seems like I’ve taken a long hiatus from the blog, with the workload of our other company picking up I’ve been creatively zapped in terms of putting together blog content and I didn’t want to post things that were inauthentic or blah, just to say I put something up. But after feeling like I needed to just focus on one thing and push the blog off the list for good, I realized I REALLY missed it. C&C is a fun side project in my life that I have enjoyed sharing with others and I want to continue to work on my skills to make it better and hopeful more enjoyable for others along the way.

So the old adage, “A change is as good as a rest”, in my mini break I realized I don’t have to give up doing what I love, I just need to change the approach. One that allows me more freedom to not be strapped to a computer 24/7 and to have messy hair. On a side note, my brother shot these photos and anytime we do photos there is a guarantee that 1. it is finished faster than an average Nascar lap  and 2. there is always a Zoolander moment. Thanks for capturing me at my finest bro.

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Pants: Anthropologie

Top: Anthropologie

Shoes: Nine West (borrowed and old)

Sunglesses: IVI Optics