Home at the Holidays

From Clockwise:

1. Galvanized Steel Star Sign

2. Gold Animal Silhouette Pillow

3. Moose Snow Globe

4. Eat, Drink and Be Cozy Pillow

5. Alpine Cabin Moose Lantern

6. Reindeer Horn Candle

7. Caribou Multi Stripe Stocking

9. Plaid Pillow

The holiday spirit just grabbed me this year and I started decorating early. Maybe it’s lodge feel of the new house, but I’ve been so excited to get my Christmas decor up. This year I’m staying with a traditional, rustic them but layering in some fun graphic and beaded pillows as well as some galvanized steel wall art that could but used throughout the year. I think it’s all about layering with old decorations and adding new touches here and there to update your look. I’ve also been pinning holiday decor like it’s going out of style and can’t wait to finish off my porch and fireplace decorations, posts of that soon to follow!