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I’m suffering from holiday withdrawals. We headed to my parents part of the world where the town is quaint, the scenery spectacular with all the outdoor recreational amenities imaginable that makes for a classic “Canadian” christmas.

We enjoyed a family sleigh ride, headed out snow shoeing many days and had some fun on the slopes, followed by a New Years bonfire and crab bake. This stuff I relished since it’s so foreign for us in city life.

I’ve also been racking my brain on 2013. Simply put, I don’t like the number, if it was so great why wouldn’t there be a 13th floor in our building?? However- my negative nelly attitude needs to disappear as this year might really surprise me. And so I’m taking my time to collect my thoughts and decide what I want to tackle. Including the blog as the direction I want to go will take a BIG effort. I’m just undecided whether I’m ready to step off that cliff yet or not.  So in the meantime while I’m getting myself back together after my Bailey’s and cookie induced haze, I wanted to share some of my photos from our Christmas adventures.



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Suzie Salmon

Nothing beats family, snow, and outdoor activities over the holidays. And once again you treat us to beautiful photos to capture it all!

Happy New Year Brandy!

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