Hosting a Winter Bonfire Party

Winter Bonfire

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Even blue Monday behind us, it’s still safe to say that we have quite a bit more winter to go, so why not embrace it? Looking for something to do this weekend, why not throw a winter bonfire party? I decided to host one before the holidays and it’s a great way to mix things up, visit with friends and family while still getting outside. The thing I love about a outdoor winter party is it is great fun for all ages and a bit of a novelty in this electronic age. Don’t have a fire pit of your own? Take a look at your local parks or recreation areas, most are open during the winter as well and come equipped with fire pits. You may have to bring your own wood, but it’s seriously an easy fix as they sell bundles at most gas stations. Pick a time mid-day when it’s warmest and the kids can go sledding or skating while the adults enjoy a coffee and baileys. Some of the things to recommend if you decide to host your own winter party:

Winter Bonfire Party 2

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Bundle Up!  Please inform your guests that they will be outside and to dress appropriately, however grab some throws or blankets that you don’t mind getting smokey and can be thrown in the washer after the fact. People can cozy up and protect fingers from the cold.

Winter Bonfire Party

Serve Warm Foods- Grab a cast iron pot of chili, soup or even fondue and serve close to the fire and re-heat if needed. I bought some great stainless steel carafe’s at Canadian Tire for hot chocolate, coffee and hot water. Build out a “warm up” station with apple cider, mini marshmallows and baileys for kids and adults alike.

Winter Bonfire Party 1

Don’t be afraid to add some decor to the mix! Chill some beverages in the snow bank or as I did in this deer head ice bucket. Get festive and add some lanterns and cozy touches that will add to the ambiance, plus the sleds, skies or snow shoes can double for activities while you are out!