In like a lion…

In Like a Lion

This Sunday I had such lofty plans, make gluten-free jalapeno cheese bread to go with my slow cooker chili. Make some chocolate covered caramels and even fit in a snowy photo shoot in my spare time. We got hit with a tremendous winter storm. Highways were closed and cars littered the ditches all over the city so there was really no point in doing anything but stay home. However the universe wasn’t in favour of my “plans”, my bread turned out looking like a block of cement, the caramels drooped into unrecognizable shapes of goo and I was unable to peel them from the plate. Lastly my outfit post turned into a tide commercial when I went to stir my chilli only to have it blowup on me and my favourite white tee with a sequin stag 🙁

So waving the flag of defeat, Pinterest and a glass of wine sounded pretty good. Which just proves, no matter how bad a Sunday- it always beats a Monday 🙂

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So sad your day did not go as planned, but that is the best line ever, “no matter how bad a Sunday- it always beats a Monday”

Love that 🙂

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