Lash Drama

These days, the only drama I want in my life is with my lashes! For the last month I’ve been test driving a new set of faux lash extensions from one of my fav gals, Natalie of NMK Beauty.  First off, I LOVE LOVE mascara- being a blondie it’s been grilled into my brain the more the better, one of my first concerns was “I can’t wear mascara any more?!”

Well I was reassured, I could- but I’ve got semi-permanent fake lashes so why bother? So we started off slow and used silk lashes at a shorter length with less flair. After my first full set we graduated to flaring out with longer lashes to give a cat eye illusion.

Lash Drama

I have to say, it was a nice change to wake up in the morning and look like- well half ass pulled together! My daily routine got a little easier too as I didn’t have to apply mascara and the drama in the lashes seemed to add a little something more to my look so I found myself putting less on.

Lash Drama

And then we finally moved to a more dramatic fill with mink synthetic lashes seen here. I don’t have any mascara on, just some gel liner and a bit of eyeshadow. I love the refreshed look I get from the lashes and since I’m not scrubbing my eyes off everyday from all the makeup, I’m thinking it’s actually a bit easier on my natural lashes. Some of the things to know if you’re considering faux lashes:

*Makeup remover and preferably facial cleanser should be oil free, oil tends to break down the glue that bonds the lash to your real lash and can cause them to fall off faster.

-Try not to shower 24 hours after you get them done, the humidity can compromise the glue setting as well.

-Brushing your lashes into place helps them last longer, Natalie gives you a brush to use and another friend has shown me that spritzing the brush with a light hold hairspray helps fan them out and stay in place throughout the day.

-Your lashes fall out on a natural cycle throughout the month, I did A LOT of research on if these would ruin my natural lashes and if you take care of them, everything points to no. Excessive pulling, use of mascara and scrubbing can of course lead to pulling out the synthetic and natural lashes and causing long term damage, but nothing we didn’t already know!

I for one am loving playing around with all this lash drama, and if you are local and looking for a set- give NMK Beauty a call. They can be reached at @nmkbeautyy on Instagram or NMK Beauty on FB or email