Llama Lovin’

Llama Shirt

Llama Shirt | Denim Vest | Jeans | Booties

Well it’s a no drama llama kind of Tuesday! Thought this cute Llama shirt was perfect to add some humour to the week, while I’m busy adulting and trying to get through a pile of work. Plus the first day of spring was yesterday so I thought the flower crown was appropriate.

And my absolute favourite find this month has got to be these fringe booties and guess what? They’re Naturalizer brand- but holy man Sooooooo unbelievably comfy. Which is also appropriate because my birthday’s coming up this week and one year older means walking shoes probably followed by an early dinner and heck maybe some shuffleboard? Who knows how crazy it will get, but until then my motto is Save the Drama for the Llama!

Llama Shirt Llama Shirt Llama Shirt Llama Shirt