Holiday Glow

I’m back!  After I smoke bombed from the office last week I arrived in the sunny Okanagan to spend some time with family and friends. My goal, to kick back, have some fun and immerse myself in being a LOL (read: lady of leisure). What might this entail you ask? Well hmmm let me see, wine tastings, some shopping, pool time and making the hard decision of which amazing fruit to buy from the local stands. I also managed to get some exercise in there as well 😉 Sounds rough I know, but I’m hoping this holiday glow stays for at least a couple days. Thanks to everyone who made my trip wonderful and to those I wanted to see and ran out of time, I’ll be back soon! The wine fest this fall is on my must-do list 🙂 Which I plan to share more of tomorrow on my Okanagan vines post!

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