My Summer List

Holy Moly- June is here. I almost can’t believe it! How is it that each year seems to speed up and go by a little faster than the last- madness I tell you!

So I’m thinking about this summer and not wanting it to slip from my grasp, which means making plans and taking them on!  From home reno’s to travel, there is so much I want to do it can make my head spin but I’m making a list and hoping I can check off a few of these by the time summer is done.

Road Trip Canada

Ok, not all of Canada. But seriously we have so many things to see and it’s beautiful in the summertime. Forget planes, any travel this summer, I plan on exploring on the ground and seeing some new countryside. Plus, I hate to admit that I received my free park pass back in Feb and haven’t used it once yet. With Canada’s 150th birthday this year it’s bound to be busy but that’s what early mornings are for right?!

Outdoor Movie Night

I know, how hipster of me, outdoor movie night? But I have this romantic review in my head of string lights, a great fire and snacks that just won’t leave it, so I’m thinking I need to try and pull just one off in the backyard before summer is over….


Try 3 New Things…

Honestly I don’t know yet what these are, maybe it’s paddle board yoga or a new DIY. Any suggestions, I’m open to them!  My list is starting now and I think 3 seems like an attainable number to challenge myself to…


Try Sticking to a Summer Schedule!

Often times I have huge feelings of guilt if I take time off or am not doing something that feels “productive”. This may qualify me as a workaholic, but this summer I think I want to try a new lifestyle based schedule. Which means waking up earlier to take advantage of the day, turn off electronics and computers around 7pm and not head into the office on Fridays. I find I drive so much during the week for meetings and to get to the office, staying home that one day lets me still manage any emails and still take advantage of the day and do other things like exercise or errands! I know it sounds simple, but having me stick to a schedule may be the hardest of all, because I hate being confined to schedule or regime, but hopefully this one will be fun and just become routine!