Why You Need A Vision Board

Vision Board

A few years ago when talking about goal setting, a friend told me I needed to build a vision board. Out of the conversation, I realized that while I was structured within the parameters of planning my business, when it came to setting goals for myself personally I was definitely falling short.

If you’ve read the Secret series or anything about the laws of attraction, visualization exercises help us focus and expand on things that we want in our lives. If I thought any of it was bogus, all I need to do is think back to my training as a ski racer, where we were taught that visualization exercises were a key to improving our performance. Heck, Olympic athletes have been using visualization exercises for decades. The best part about vision boards, they are great for people of all ages, from 18 to 80 we can always look to expand our lives.

How Do I Build A Vision Board?

The rules to building your vision board? Make sure you display it somewhere where you can see it on a daily basis to get your visual reminder of your goals and how you want to feel in your life. This can be on a pretty tack board in your home, on your screensaver or even on your phone wallpaper.

Also, as much as there should be visual appeal, don’t just build your board based off pretty Pinterest pictures. You have to base it off of how you want to feel. Want to go on a special trip or move to a different lifestyle or career? How does a day of that play out in your mind? How does it look, smell and feel to you mentally? Then go out and find pictures and images that best represent that feeling. Don’t be afraid to add texture or other trinkets that are talismans to your goals. Also, some people like a physical board that they have cut and pasted and other prefer a digital collage- whatever works for you as this is all personal preference.

What Areas In My Life Do I Focus On?

Add anything that motivates or inspires you. Consider your goals in the following areas: relationships, career, finances, home, travel and personal growth that could include things such as health, spirituality, education and social life. Remember it doesn’t need to include all these topics, just what’s important to you at the time that you want to expand on.

How Often Do I Update My Board?

Keep in mind that a vision board is always changing and shifting as with everyday life. When I look at the vision board I build over 2 years ago, it was crazy to see the number of things that have come to fruition that I wanted to achieve. Now looking back, I need to hit the refresh button and update it. Ideally if you could update or add something every month, but I would suggest at least in December or start of the new year to take some time to completely refresh your board and focus on new goals.

Remember to have fun with it and let your creative juices flow!