An Ode To My Hot Tub

Dear Hot Tub, it was clear when we first met,

It was uncertain if you would be friend or foe,

Your chemical use seemed high and the water level low.

In the beginning of our relationship you proved to be oh so fun,

With my wine glass full and jets ablaze, you would make me relax after an awful day.

Your destiny would be sealed on that fateful night, with your standard temp of 101 being shunned,

“It’s needs to be hotter” they say, crank it to 108- RIGHT AWAY!

And you toiled and tried with all your might to heat up the water to their delight,

But ALAS your heater gave out at the final degree and sent all the ladies to bed with a final decree,

“That Hot Tub Sucks”…..

So we emptied you out and gave you a rest, I tried for many months for adoption to commence,

But no one seems to want an old worn out tub, so with a reciprocating saw and a gleam in my eye,

You were almost ready to be hacked up and sent down the road, when a voice of reason said I should try,

“Throw all your wood in there, it will stay nice and dry”

So welcome to your new destiny my old tub,

You’re redneck storage for the winter, and once again we’re in love…