Pre-Spring Pink Jacket

Pre Spring Pink Jacket

Mink Pink Jacket  | Maroon Midi-Dress | Kowboy Western Studded Boots

Shooting outfit posts in a Canadian winter can be challenging, especially if you have long stretches of -15 or colder weather followed by a very short day. This year I was spoiled by spending three weeks in Australia, right as winter was kicking off in Canada. The larger part was I got a taste of spring and summer clothing when I was there and managed to collect a few pieces along the way that I can’t wait to break out this spring!

But until then, I’ve really minimized my wardrobe to winter pieces or pre-spring items that will carry me into the next season. Take this Pink Jacket and Maroon Midi-Dress for example. It’s perfect to add some colour to an otherwise drab winter outfit and at this rate, I’ll be wearing it for at least a couple more months (insert eye roll). But truly at any rate, I’m loving this colour!

Then last but not least- these fun “Kowboy” studded western boots from Topshop (available at Hudson’s Bay here in Canada), that are oh so comfortable and a pretty darn good knockoff of the Chloe Susanna Stud Buckle Boot that are a whopping $1800.00 compared to these on sale for $47! I actually love wearing these boots with an all black outfit so these can be the statement piece of the ensemble. These boots will definitely be making an appearance during Stampede and NFR this year, so well worth the value!


Pink Jacket Pink Jacket Pink Jacket Pink Jacket

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