Huntsman Antler/Gun Metal Pen


Handcrafted Bolt Action Executive Huntsman Rollerball. Turned Antler with Gun Metal by Avalanche Artisans.

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Product Description

About the artist:

Avalanche Artisans is based in DeWinton, Alberta and specializes in hand lathed useable art, such as luxury pens, perfume atomizers and other unique one of a kind useable art.

Butch and Deb live on a small acreage, together with four horses, our big white dog, Avalanche, house and barn cats and a lovely flock of chickens – all of which are well loved. When they are not crafting something out of wood they are Team Cattle Penning….hmmmm penning and penning, coincidence? We think not! Butch has always enjoyed working with wood. From designing and building cedar and copper gates to turning beautiful writing instruments, he has always taken pride in his work. His unique eye and ability to coax the maximum beauty out of a piece of wood is truly a gift. Avalanche Artisans uses both natural material and select man made material, always of the highest quality. It brings great joy and pleasure to create beautiful items that they know will become family heirlooms. They believe the new era of long lasting, much loved and coveted usable art is long overdue and welcome it with open arms.



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