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Pink Opal Feather Necklace


Make a statement with this beautiful pink peruvian opal and sterling feather necklace. Dress it up or down, this necklace is bound to turn heads where ever you take it!

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Product Description

A little about the artist:

Shelagh Blatz works with sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Each piece begins as a drawing that she, then cuts from sheet silver & after stone setting, is polished & strung on semi-precious gemstone beads. Each piece of jewelry, be it a necklace, ring, bracelet or earring, is an original creation that is hand forged in Shelagh’s design studio. All pieces are stamped sterling silver, signed by the artist and each gemstone is genuine and set by hand. Many of the jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind, with completely unique hand-picked stones chosen and imported from overseas.

Shelagh began silversmithing in 2002 because she couldn’t find the types of pieces that she liked.  In frustration, Shelagh took some classes & just started to make things for herself and got carried away.  The demands of being a busy mother, ranch wife & business owner; don’t often allow many opportunities to wear a lot of jewelry, so seeing other people enjoy her creations, is extremely fulfilling for Shelagh.

Strength and Faith Shelagh’s faith is a strong influence in the line. “People ask me about the symbolism in the jewelry, I tell them it’s simply, I love crosses and I love what they stand for. The design process itself, is all about trust and faith – and when they’re working together, I end up creating something I am truly proud of.”

Western Culture Living on their ranch outside of Calgary, Alberta, Shelagh and her husband, Jeff and their four children embody ranch life and the western lifestyle.  Raising ‘kids, cows & horses’, the ranch is a constant buzz,  trail rides in the summer, lots of studio work in the winter, and calving in the early spring.


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