Rosé All Day with Chateau Souverain

Rose All Day

I’m not going to lie, sometimes you get to go to some pretty fun events with this blogger gig. Case in point, last weeks launch of Chateau Souverain’s Rose, with a #roseallday event at the Calgary Zoo. We were greeted at the door by our lovely hosts who tied a pretty coloured ribbon on our wrists. Each colour represented a different activity such as garden games like ring toss and bean bag throw, or building a terrarium. We also learned through the teaching of Calgary Zoo’s, chef Thomas how to plate and serve a sesame seared tuna, complete with watermelon radish, ginger and pea shoots. And what Rosé day wouldn’t be complete without an outdoor movie night?

It was a lovely afternoon and we got to meet some new friends and also learned some fun facts. Did you know Albertans drink the most Rosé Canada wide?? This wine is dry, crisp and fruity- perfect for feeling like you’ve been whisked away on a summer day for a slice of leisure. I keep promising my review of my top 5 Rosé picks and I’m pretty sure this one is making the list and probably will be introduced to my new hammock area in the yard this summer 😉

Rose All Day Rose All Day Rose All Day Rose All Day Rose All Day Rose All Day

The lovely Rachel from @NewWestMom 

Rose All Day

Rose All Day

Kate Dress- Leone Clothing Co. | Sandals- Winners  | Hat- Mint & Maple

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