Sheep Sanctuary

Sheep Sanctuary

Jacket- Puffin Coat | Leggings- Polaris Pants

One of the annual rituals we try to┬ásneak in around the beginning of December is a visit to the Sheep River Sanctuary. Wintering habitat to bighorn sheep, elk, moose and deer, the gates to the road close Dec. 1st to allow for minimal disturbance to the animals. It’s a fantastic place to grab the camera and go for hike especially on a clear sunny day. The fur monster loved the stroll and was excited to see a band of sheep, hence keeping him contained on a leash. A perfect way to kick off the last month of the year and unwind from all the hubbub of Black Friday and getting ready for the holidays.

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Sheep Sanctuary 3

Sheep Sanctuary 2

Sheep Sanctuary 1