Snow Blindness


Ladies you know that feeling when you’re having a fat day? And no I’m not talking, P.H.A.T, more like the FEELING that you want to wear sweatpants and baggy t-shirt all day. Blame it on the spring-like weather or the blinding sunny day, but I opted out of the sweatpants and jumped/squeezed myself into these floral printed denim beauties from Joe Fresh. I felt a little more comfortable when I paired it with a men’s style white button-up and a field inspired vest from Eddie Bauer also seen here. Then added my western inspired booties that were part of my February budget and some chunky jewellery. But regardless of my mood I said what the heck, dug up some of my curvy girl inner confidence (#curves rock) and strutted around that school yard, and I’d say we’re now tied 😉 P.S. Please know I’m not hoping you guys send me some sympathy comments, I’m just hoping y’all agree that no matter what, “fat” days happen to all of us, so why not slap on some floral pants 🙂








Floral “Skinny” Jeans– Joe Fresh; Men’s Dress Shirt- Joe Fresh; Vest- Eddie Bauer;

Coach Purse c/o my brother; Booties-Aldo; bracelet Tory Burch



Thanks Suzie! I bought these after realizing I had lost “some” weight, but I’m not quite at my comfort zone yet. I’m hoping by spring these will make more of an apperance!


THANK YOU!! I really like the printed denim, still trying to figure out if it’s a look for me 🙂

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