Soft Batch Coconut Cookies

Coconut Sugar Soft Batch Cookies

Since we’ve been on our healthy eating trend that started in early January, I’m definatley not baking as much as I normally would (I also haven’t had a single soda since December!). One thing that seemed to be a weekly staple around my house was chocolate chunk cookies and quite honestly I miss having the smell of something being baked in the oven.

So to incorporate my love for coconut sugar and oil, I pieced together this recipe for what I’m dubbing Soft Batch Coconut Cookies. Without the chocolate chips, G2 has one requirement- the cookies must be soft (just don’t tell him these are gluten free). If you haven’t had much experience with Coconut Oil before you can replace it one for one with butter. Just make sure you don’t melt it and add it to the recipe in a runny or liquid form.

The smell of the cookies baking alerted G2 that dessert was alive and well again in the house and it was all I could do to get a “nice” picture of the cookies on a plate before the hairy hand model above swooped in to grab one. That was not staged folks- we lost that cookie in the making of this post 😉

To get the recipe on a printable page please click here.


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