Spring Reads

For anyone who has spring fever like me, I’ve noticed my reading choices this last month have really been influenced by my mood. From drama, romance, travel to inspiration, I’ve been craving a wide variety of books compared to the sometimes drier, moodier non-fiction or historically based books I enjoy.

So today, I’m sharing my top picks for spring reads. These are great for a relaxing weekend break or to take in your suitcase if you’re headed out on a trip.

Spring Reads

Big Magic 

First of all, I always love a good self help book. But this isn’t really a book I would consider to be a true self help guide. Instead, author Elizabeth Gilbert explores and shares her concept of “creativity” and her experiences in harnessing creativity in her writing and life in general.

I also love the fact that she addresses that creativity for each individual is unique and different, for some it may exist in how we traditionally think of creativity such as the arts or writing- but for others it can be expressed in how we work or want to spend our “free time”, such as travel or activities that infuses more mindfulness and passion into everyday life. The book also makes you think about how you as an individual express yourself creativity in day to day life and also gives inspiration and guidance on how to continue to add more.

Spring Reads

Nearly Normal 

If you read Cea Sunrise Person’s first book and memoir North of Normal, you’re going to want to grab this follow up to the first book. In this sequel, Cea follows up with her mid-life crisis of trying to find her way as an adult after growing up in her pot-smoking, free-loving counterculture family. She shares additional stories and experiences that weren’t in the first memoir and her struggle with sharing her story that eventually turns into a national bestseller.

Spring Reads

Big Little Lies 

The perfect spring break or Easter read and for any of you who have already watched the HBO series, I would still recommend reading it as there are a few differences from the book. It’s a sensational story about the modern family, ex-husbands, schoolyard drama and more! And the backdrop to the whole story is oceanside, which makes you feel like you’ve escaped on a little get-away.

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