Stage Fright


One of my blogging goals for 2013 was to do at least one outfit post a week, where I pushed “my” limits and got out of my comfort zone by shooting in different locations and this has not come for me easily. In recent shoots I’d gotten lucky and found an empty park or street to set up on, this lead to me getting a little bolder last week seeing a historic school that I wanted to shoot in front of. As I pulled out my camera and tripod, I noticed the wind was quite gusty which might not lend itself well to the photos and bring a new meaning to “tousled hair”. At the same time, unbeknownst to me kids started streaming out of the school to get picked up or board the school bus. The white flag came out, I tossed my gear in the car and headed back home where I was all dressed up with nowhere to go, so I got creative and snapped my outfit post in my lady cave (aka my home office).

The Lady Cave is an eclectic mix of sequins and all things girly, a guitar, rustic furniture and heck even a sheep mount! That’s why looking at the photos now I think this outfit goes perfectly with the space. I absolutely love this CASH tee from Southern Charm (A Reel Lady pointed them out to me), it’s super soft as a favourite t-shirt should be. Add some bling and a military inspired jacket with cowboy boots and I’m ready to rock it from the heart of the Lady Cave. Just don’t ask me to go up against those second graders again!

Shirt- Southern Charm; Cashmere Cardi- JoeFresh; Necklace- Forever 21; Jacket- J.Crew;
Boots- Corral; Jeans- Banana Republic (old)cash3 cash4 Cash5



Thank ya! Better photos are part of the blogging goals, still not used to people asking, why is that crazy lady taking pictures of herself?


Thanks Kathryn! I’m not usually one for graphic tee’s but love the man in black and thought this was a funky tribute 🙂


Is this a guy’s tshirt or did they used to have girls as well?


They also have women’s tee’s! This one is from the ladies line.

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