Perfectly Suede

Suede Shirt

 Embroidered Suede Top c/o JOH Apparel 

Since I’m all about texture in my wardrobe and home decor, this season is delivering on all fronts of the soft, warm and cuddly touches. From velvet galore to faux fur and suede, I’m finding so many “feel good” deals. I’m also so impressed with how far along they’ve come in making faux fur and suede feel real. Sometimes it’s hard to even tell the difference. That’s why this suede shirt may be one of my favourites this fall. Even though it’s faux, it feels like the real deal, it has some weight to it- which you would see in a real suede piece also.

The fit is very flattering and then there’s a surprise on the back with some gorgeous embroidery. I’ve gotten so many compliments on this top the last month, and the quality feels like at least a $300 + buy. Which in the world of fast fashion, I think it’s good to budget and put a more timeless piece in your closet every so often.

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