Summer Daze

Summer Style

When I first started the blog, I never intended for it to turn fashion centric. As the years went on and the more people I was introduced to/or interacted with over the blog, they would also say oh yes, Cashmere & Camo the fashion blog. Well, if this is the case, I might be the worst fashion blogger ever. Rarely do I follow the trends and even if I did I just don’t feel it’s age appropriate for me. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love playing with fashion and styling different looks, but those looks very much depend on how I’m feeling that very moment when I choose to get dressed.

If anything the blog has made me take more chances and dress truer to my spirit. I used to fearlessly take on outfits, case in point- my grade six dance, velvet palazzo pants, embellished bolero with platform runners. I felt fancy AF, but then the years of peer pressure at school then the blending in of corporate life dulled my fashion love. See for me, a fashion blog isn’t about showcasing a revolving window of hot off the shelf options and trends.  It’s about showcasing your style or vibe of a certain outfit that helps heighten or create a feeling when you’re wearing it. Like this little sundress (which is actually a beach cover up that I got years ago). This floaty piece instantly makes me think of hazy, lazy summer evenings. Walking bare foot in the grass dancing to the newest Chris Stapleton album with the dog wondering when the heck I’m gonna throw the damn frisbee. It’s not about the outfit, it’s about letting “me” shine through when I’m wearing it, which I think would be my only styling tip for everyone. Wear what makes your heart happy and not worry about the trends, and if the path’s converge along the way, so be it.

Summer Style Summer Style Summer Style Summer Style Summer Style Summer Style