A Summer Midi Dress

Midi Dress

Dress | Clutch | Lace Up Heels

Usually I go for one of two styles with my summer dresses, short shifts or maxis. I’d seen the midi style dresses popping up for the last couple years and always cringed, they seemed to make me look even shorter if that’s possible and they cut me off in all the wrong places. So when I saw this silky, soft blue dress I passed it over a few a times, thinking the worst of it.

But I finally decided to give it a “try” and lo and behold fell in love with the how it fit as well as felt. The high/low back helps being shorter and the floaty fit is perfect for those sweltering summer days where you don’t exactly want to be wearing anything “constricting”. It’s casual but ladylike at the same time, and seems to morph depending on the shoes you wear with it. Maybe my mind has been changed about this whole midi option after all, it’s way more versatile than I ever imagined!

M+M Blue Dress 1 Midi Dress M+M Dress 2 Midi Dress Midi Dress