Fit in the country

Fit in the Country

Reebok Black Label Tights | New Balance Running Tank | Under Armour Runners Moving to the country as idyllic as it can be waking up to nature and staring at nothing but the mountains in front of you versus the neighbors backyard also has some drawbacks to it. At my old house, I lived 8 minutes…

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Managing Stress Through Mindfulness

May has turned out to be a particularly busy month, when I say that I mean, things seem to now be moving at warp speed, deadlines are looming and I can feel my stress mounting. And there seems to be a theme this week on the blog of how to manage stress, trust me this…

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Happy Trails

Top- Katana Longsleeve Tee | Tights- Brogan Legging Recently I’ve been exploring the great trails around the house. I’m lucky that I have the Rocky Mountains and wilderness right out my back door. It’s also a great way to unwind at the end of the day and attempt to wear out the fur monster (aka Gunnar)….

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Showing Off

Windhaven Pullover | Windsor Pant | Dash Sports Bra I’m fortunate to say that throughout my life I’ve had fairly positive body image. I credit it to growing up with sports, to having role models tell me muscles are good and that a girl should look strong and healthy. It’s this positive reinforcement that never led…

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Outdoor Burn

Top: Fabletics Tennyson Pullover  | Pants: Fabletics Camacan Capri Hand’s up if you’re like me and love taking your workout outside. Whenever the weather permits I try and get out for at least 30 minutes a day for some type of activity. I like to break it up with running, hiking, biking or even the water to…

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Weekend Warrior

I’ve admitted before I have tendency to be a weekend warrior. With long hours at a desk during the week, I have been having a hard time finding a proper schedule to fit in routine fitness. This has become a vicious circle because once at home, after dinner has been made and all other chores…

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