Sunna Smile Whitening

Sunna Smile

I always raised an eyebrow when I would see girls throwing a straw in their coffee or red wine. Then a few months ago I started to realize all the damage and stain that my many years of neglect had caused. I read somewhere that whitening your teeth can make you look 3-5 years younger and I started researching different systems. I wanted to find the least harmful or one to cause sensitivity for a lower price point. That’s when I found Sunna Smile. It’s a LED- activated whitening system that includes ingredients that increase whitening, reduces sensitivity, remineralize teeth and heals oral tissue.

And of course I dug into the ingredients list and the chemistry behind it and it seemed to check out, plus it was about 1/2 the cost ($125 CAD) of similar whitening systems that are sold in Sephora or major department stores. So I went through the prescribed treatment regime and found my teeth being whitened at least 3 levels without any added sensitivity that I’ve previously had when using some brand name drug store whitening strips. I also like that it’s gentle enough you can go back and do a touch up treatment when needed. Plus it comes in a stylish, compact little unit that makes for easy storage or travel. I would definitely recommend this system if you are looking for a fairly inexpensive teeth whitening system.

*Nope this is not a sponsored post- I just wanted to share one of my little finds with all of you guys, Happy Friday!

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