The Art of Hygge


Many times I’ve been asked what my “style” is at home. And people guess “rustic” which is close some of the times but the other day I think I came across the perfect word to describe it, “Hygge”. Pronounced “hoo-guh”, it’s a Danish word that when very roughly translated, in a nutshell means cozy. A concept of creating warmth, connection or well being, and generally just enjoying everyday living and simple pleasures that give us comfort. So, sipping a warm cup of coffee while curled up on the couch, a luxurious fur throw on your bed, or watching snow fall outside while you sit by the fire, all hygge moments my friends. Confused yet? Well this I thought was the not so perfect way to describe how I have been decorating my home to create that “cozy, comforting feeling”. Yep I love flannel and I can’t apologize for it.

I want to create an atmosphere that anyone who walks through the front door feels like they can settle in, relax and be wrapped in a cocoon of “cozy” and feel content. And as Christmas draws near, I feel we are in the height of adding some cozy to our homes. So in celebration of finding my homestyle, I wanted to share with you some of my top picks lately for adding some holiday hygge to the home.