Throwing a Sip and See

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Photos By Jennifer Masterman Photography 

I think a “Sip and See” is a great alternative to the traditional baby shower. Less formal than a shower, you can invite whomever you’d like (this isn’t just for the girls), serve light snacks and don’t have to play games or chose to do a gift opening. It’s a cocktail party/open house combo with a tiny guest (or guests) of honor. This past weekend I helped my BF host a girlie sip and see using her beautiful home as a backdrop. We served light snacks with a variety of rosé wine and non-alcoholic lemonades. To top it off Yes Chef Cuisine created  AMAZING raspberry and red velvet cupcakes that are arguably some of the best I’ve ever had.

Some tips I would give if you are planning on hosting a sip and see. Set the event as if you would an open house. We gave the guests the time between 1-4 pm, that way people could show up and stay for the entire time or have a quick drink, visit and leave as they like. I found this was also beneficial for mom and baby as the relaxed schedule allowed for her to visit more on an individual basis and not stress about having to entertain a room for 4 hours. Even though most say that gifts at a sip and see are not necessary, if you hadn’t had a baby shower previously, most people will want to bring something. If there is some specific thing you would need or like, just indicate on the invite where you’re registered beforehand. It’s also fun to have baby pictures of mom and dad on hand for guests to see who they look like the most. But most importantly plan an event to honor the new family member without overdoing it, so that everyone can enjoy!



Beautiful photos! Brandy is this your home? I love your living room, I spotted that photo with the silver steer head and was delightfully inspired.

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