Into the Wild

Summertime in the Canadian wilderness can be spectacular. With stunning views and great weather, exploring the mountains can leave you awestruck at times. At least looking back at most of my photos would have you believe that. Don’t be mistaken, we had an amazing weekend, however it was filled with humorous challenges that only the…

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Thumb Print Protein Cookies

Aviatrix shares her recipe for a healthy snack when you’re on the run: “I’m on the road all the time and  find it really hard to keep my eating on track, so many quick but over processed foods close at hand but where are the quick healthy snacks? Well I found these cookies at my…

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Camp Out

Like many enthusiastic Canadian’s we are trying to get one good camping trip in this summer. An entire weekend of campfires, beautiful scenery and exploring new territory.  I’ve pulled together some of my favourite things to do and all this reminiscing is getting me really excited to leave tonight! Relaxation! Reading a good book and a…

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Mad Men

If you are as enamoured with Mad Men as I am you will know that Banana Republic is releasing their BR Mad Men line in about two weeks and I can’t wait to see it in stores. For a girl who spends her workdays in a uniform, Aviatrix has a closet full of ladylike pieces. She pulled…

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Caramilk Secret

Ok, so maybe not the actual Secret, but I just don’t know the name of these tasty little devils. For now let’s call them Chocolate and Cheesecake Muffins. I originally made these for my garage sale (I know, who makes muffin’s for a garage sale right?). The batch was not long lasted as they were a…

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School Yard Rules

It’s the end of July but already some of the mornings have had a chill in the air. The other morning when fishing I could see my breath. For those of you not familiar with Canadian weather, welcome. With another month before school is back in, there is still plenty of dress season to be…

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